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Good Governance; 18 point policy

While observing the best practices in governments in general, we can consolidate 18 important principles as given below for attaining excellence in service delivery.

1.  People centeredness: 

This is the basic principle of service delivery improvement in Government. Every citizen has a right to expect high quality public service. This required to be ensured by facilitating opportunities for public participation.

2.  Laying down clear standards:   

Clear standards of service would be laid down and every citizen can therefore expect that guaranteed minimum level.

3.  Equity:

The focus would be on the poor and other disadvantaged groups who would be given the most favored treatment. Equity also envisages affirmative action and positive discrimination in favour of the disadvantaged.

4.  Transparency:

The whole process would be transparent. The citizens will have the right to know the standards expected to be achieved, the cost of service, identity of the service providers, outputs and the out…