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My Open Education Week messages on FaceBook

MARCH 28, 2017

Open Education along with Open Educational Resources forms the GREENEST sustainable learning system for the future! Apart from all learning objectives, it can make huge contribution towards environment protection! HAPPY OPEN EDUCATION WEEK! #openeducationwk

MARCH 29, 2017
Flipped classrooms bring in more openness in the formal academic environments. In this Open Education Week, let us encourage more and more institutions to reach out to the needy with flip methods and open resources.#openeducationwk

MARCH 30, 2017
Industry specific vocational skill development is a hot topic world wide nowadays. In this Open Education Week, let us think about ways to effectively use Open Education to reach out to those who desperately in need of new skills for a livelihood. #openeducationwk

MARCH 31, 2017
Learning is an organic process. It happens naturally. That is why all the living beings are still here in this world. When we analyse successful man-made educational methods and techniqu…
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Successfully experimented a protocol for simultaneous development of a ToT framework and Master Trainers for the same and named it "Organic Framework and Master Trainer Development Protocol" ...simply "Organic Protocol". Trained 500 prospective Skill Trainers effectively in trainer platform and presentation skills using the above framework and Master Trainers for the newly established Trainers Training Academy of Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP), Higher Education Department, Government of Kerala

Friends in the front yard

Leaving for work earlier in the morning
Returning home after dark
Leaning over the computer on holidays
Lost a thousand smiles of these friends!

World Environment Day Greetings

Rather than a hype of celebrations, protecting environment should become an innate culture of each individual.

How many trees would you plant today? much travelling time would you reduce from today in a vehicle running on carbon-based fuel ? restraint would you be from today in purchasing things other than essential ones?

Happy world environment day!

Aditi's Kochi

Aditi hails from a beautiful village called Dayalpur, which is in the Jalandhar district of Punjab. When she was studying for her first year under graduation in the Government College Tehang, her family had moved to Kochi in Kerala as her father Ranjit Singh wanted to takeover a wholesale store for electronic equipment spare-parts run by his eldest bother Teja Singh consequent on his death. Teja Singh was unmarried. During that time Ranjit Singh was a high school teacher in Dayalpur. Since Ranjit's elder brother was settled in Canada, it became Ranjit's sole discretion to decide on the future of Teja's business establishment, which was well known in north Kerala. Family and friends advised Ranjit against the closure of that very successful and profitable business. Thus after much deliberations, Ranjit decided to resign his teacher's job to takeover the business which was run with much passion by Teja. Another reason for Ranjit's decision was the strong bondage betw…

The Transit Passenger

The Transit Passenger An Open Short Story

I am a transit passenger. I landed at the terminal three of this airport just twenty minutes ago and I have to go to terminal five for my connection flight. I ensured I got my passport back from the emigration counter. At times people forget it at the counters. Many times I have witnessed the plight of such people. I have more than enough time in this airport, because the connection flight has been delayed for six hours. I have a twelve hours transit visa stamped in my passport, using that I can roam round the city. But the climate is too cold. Therefore I do not like to go out. I will roam round inside this very large airport. There is nothing in my hand bag other than a set of dress and a tab. Therefore I can freely walk. Moreover it will save me from the boredom of waiting long hours at the departure gate. Common, let us walk.

My mobile seems to be ringing. After the security check in the earlier airport I did not take it out of my handbag. I …

On Community Colleges

For the past few months, I have been learning about Community Colleges, since I am mandated to establish community colleges as part of my present project. Community Colleges have different shapes and mandates in different parts of the world. I would like to share the concept of a community college in my mind to trigger some discussions on the topic for getting your invaluable inputs.

By the name itself, community colleges are mandated to place community at the central position. It also means that community participation is highly essential in managing community colleges. It will not work by just running an institution in favour of the community – such institutions will very soon become like any other regular academic institution as it is a passive approach.

How do community colleges differ from other academic institutions? I believe, community colleges should be able to cater to the learning needs of the local community for living in harmony and working for further prosperity. It w…