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MIHU (acronym for May I Help You)  An organization development tool: P. Anil Prasad MIHU is an organization development tool I tried to experiment in my previous organization to strengthen the work culture of helping each other.
The proposed game plan was the following
1. Anyone who has time to support colleagues in their work on a particular day may send a group mail to the team with the subject “MIHU
2. In the message body the sender notes 'from what time to what time' the sender can spare time.
3. On some days, individuals may feel increased interest on certain areas/topics. If so, the sender can specify special interest as well. (Even when our vacations are spoiled by some other reasons, we will be able to use this creative opportunity to maintain positive spirit)
4. If we are out of station/office and the offered help would be online, then the sender can specify it as well. 5. Support can also be offered in a flexitime mode, i.e, in an extended time frame wherein the sender wi…
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Flash fiction: P. Anil Prasad

On that day she returned home from office earlier than usual, because she had to prepare for an online job interview,  which was scheduled for 9 pm. She was impatiently waiting for that day with overwhelming hope. Now she was at the threshold of her dream job. Moreover she was totally fed up with the current job and therefore wanted a change at the earliest.

Back at home she straight away went to her study room, neglecting the queries of her mother. She wanted to make the web camera field look as gentle as possible  for the online interviewers on the other end. She rearranged everything. No unnecessary thing should appear in the camera field. She also made some arrangements for proper lighting. Then she cleaned up the desktop of her personal computer and ensured only those files for presentation were remained there. Then she took a quick shower and dressed up for the interview.

At 8.30 pm everything was fine and she sat before her computer. S…


Story: P. Anil Prasad

(This short story is actually a by-product of my study on the life of astronauts on board the international space station just out of curiosity. Originally written in Malayalam and published in a service magazine. Now I rewrote it in English and added to the open story collection)

Emma Johns, a US scientist, stood looking out the glass window of Destiny lab in the International Space Station. The infinite view of space that has no day and night made her crazy.

The luminant globes that lay scattered everywhere in the tranquillity of space was the embodiment of eternal beauty and power for her. It was her father Athens Johns, who was a scientist at NASA, had shown her a video of space for the first time. Then she was a second grade student. When she finished viewing it, he asked: “My dear angel, do you like space?”.
“I want to go there” She replied. At this her father held her over his head and said with a very bright smile: “ definitely Emma, one d…

Theory of visionary crisis in Organization Development

The Theory of Visionary Crisis (An open development of organization theory) P. Anil Prasad
Is there any possibility for a "visionary crisis" exists in organizations? Experiences say “yes”. Okay, then what is “Visionary Crisis?”
To answer this, firstly, we may have to be on the same page in defining a “visionary”. The Cambridge online dictionary gives the definition “a person who has the ability to imagine how a country, society, industry, etc. will develop in the future and to plan in a suitable way”. The Collins online dictionary gives the definition "If you refer to someone as a visionary, you mean that they have strong, original ideas about how things might be different in the future, especially about how things might be improved."
Now it is clear that visionaries cherish dreams and imaginations for future. Such dreams and imaginations are developed by synthesising information and impulses the visionaries receive from the broader environment in the past and in the …

Climate change and need for alternative technologies

An analysis with the title “Global Warming and Hurricanes” published by Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory of Princeton University, based on published research findings, suggests 2-11 % of increase in storm intensity by the end of 21st century (see ). Connecting to that, we also see named storm reports are coming in greater numbers and from newer regions in the world every year. 

Though there are views that it is too early to suggest Global Warming and Human Activities have increased the occurrence and intensity of storms world wide, nobody denies its possibility. 

While writing my open fiction Imanofutu in 2013, I imagined a situation of 22nd century in Imanofutu, wherein they have to ground all their air-crafts because of regular storms and lightning caused by climate change and people turn against their government and the scientific community for not getting ready with alternative technologies on time in accordance with the …

A poem is born

A poem is born!
Poem: P Anil Prasad
Yelling heart
Sense of loss
Burning brain
Aching fingers
Deep breathing
Abrupt sleep
Waking up
Collage of images
Flow of words
A poem is born!

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VIRTUAL HEALING Flash fiction: P Anil Prasad
The worst recession was at its peak. Six weeks passed since Sudheesh lost his job in the IT company. It was a rainy midnight. Flash of lightning kept on peeping into his bed room through the glass windows. He was not able to sleep. For some time he lain staring at the strange and momentary shades being created by the lightning and darkness together. Then he pressed his face hard against the pillow.
He had not been sleeping well after the termination, in fact. Even though an anticipated one, he found it extremely difficult to recover from the shock of termination. He had a little hope on the Project Manager’s promise to take him back in a short while. Later a friend, who was working with the company’s accounts department, told him the Project Manager was also sacked.
The rain was getting thicker. He got off the bed and slowly walked to the living room. He sat there on the floor with an empty mind. He had been living in that rented three room …